Our Children

Olivia's Mom Pays it Back with a Vested Interest

Olivia's mom was lots of things. Single mom. Graduate student. Part-time graduate assistant. She was able to do a lot of things, but buying health insurance wasn't one of them. Her salary was just $100 too much to receive subsided health care. "The social service agency referred me to Caring for Children, an organization that helps those who fall through the cracks," mom says.

Once connected, Olivia was able to get some help with her severe tooth decay. "She was literally spitting out chunks of her teeth," mom reports. "I would never have been able to afford the dental procedure she needed. It cost almost half of my annual salary."

Olivia and mom both feel really blessed. "Getting her the surgery she needed made me feel like a better mom and for that, I'm forever grateful," she says.

Out of that gratitude she gives back to the program monthly. After graduate school, Olivia's mom found a good job with a good health plan. "I feel the need to give back to the program that helped me through this challenging time in my life. I'm so grateful to the wonderful caring people who helped me through this."

Dr. Holman's Patients Go from Problems to Prevention

For many, it's their first trip to the dentist. They often come in with pain and infection from problems that could have been avoided through preventative care. Dr. Brent Holman sees many kids who are insured by the Caring for Children program. His goal is to turn them around from infection and decay to a prevention protocol that will help avoid future problems.

"The regular visits help the kids develop a positive attitude about dentistry, and we benefit from the satisfaction of helping kids," he says.

Meet the Jock Who Needed A Doc

A high school football player in the prime of his season. In the blink of an eye, he goes down with an injury. As a parent, when you see your child hurt, you don't want your first thought to be "how will I ever pay for this?" But for many that's a reality.

This particular player's family income put them slightly above the requirements for other programs. But it wasn't enough to pay for private insurance. That's where the Caring for Children program stepped in with coverage.

After being injured under the Friday night lights, luckily the boy didn't need surgery. And his mother's first concern wasn't about paying for his care but rather concern for her boy. That's because her son was covered under the Caring for Children program.

"The program has been a blessing," she says. "It covered his doctor visits and that helped tremendously. It's a wonderful program for families like ours who make too much to be eligible for Medicaid but not enough to pay for private insurance. Thank you sincerely."

Never Thought They'd End Up Here?

For this family, their worst fears come to pass. The ex loses his job. The child support stops. It becomes a choice between food on the table or paying for health insurance.

This is the kind of situation for which the Caring for Children program was conceived. The kids won't have to forego their immunizations or annual checkups. No one will have to pass on care when there are signs of strep throat or ear infection—all because this family got connected with Caring for Children.

"Hopefully this will be a short term situation. I have been very thankful for the Caring Program. Thank you," says mom.

Other Comments from Program Participants

"Great program, very helpful to folks in our situation. Thank you so much, it is so appreciated!"

"Without this program, a back injury would have gone untreated. This program made it possible for my daughter to get a diagnosis and treatment she needed and was able to return to the activities that she loves so much."

"It has helped me tremendously. It takes care of clinic visits, when my children have been sick or needed check-ups. I am very thankful for this program."

"We don't make enough money to carry insurance, so it is very nice to get coverage for my kids. Medical is great but I'm very grateful for the dental and eye coverage too."

"It has helped immensely, since our family has extremely high medical bills from the past. Without Caring for Children, it would almost cripple us financially."

"I am so grateful for this opportunity. It has been a hard road this past year and Caring for Children has helped make it easier. I want to say thank you for the caring staff."

"It has helped us take care of our daughter medically, since we could not afford to get her medical insurance. It also gave us great information to help her on other things. It has helped us put our lives back on track financially too."